Equipment & Crane Rental

Efficient Equipment Rentals

Cranes and Other Equipment for Rent

Area Erectors Inc owns and maintains a fleet of aerial lifts, scissor lifts, rough terrain forklifts, and cranes. With in-house maintenance personnel, Area can minimize downtime by managing preventative maintenance and addressing problems immediately. 

Crane rentals are available. Please contact Equipment Manager Brent Genseke via email.

Hoisting Analysis Available for Each Project

Area takes great pride in showcasing our equipment on job sites. Our staff can create a complete hoisting analysis for each project – including capacity charts, wind reductions, rigging diagrams, ground pressures, and detailed crane location sketches – to help coordinate with other jobsite activities. 

Take advantage of our ability to use 3D Lift Plan technology to build your site in 3D to show a clear path of travel and provide a visually accurate representation of the job. All hoisting operations are closely examined by project managers, field superintendents, and the safety department prior to mobilization so that any and all hazards are communicated to field personnel.
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